Become an Aimbassador

  • Passionate about climate and nature?

  • Want to help make climate and nature education more accessible?

  • Interested in joining a global community of like-minded, environmentally conscious young people?


What is an Aimbassadors?

Aimbassadors are students and young people aged 17 to 25 who actively support AimHi by sharing their insights and helping to spread the word about our courses and events. 


Aimbassadors meet regularly with the AimHi team to help us solve problems, develop ideas, and provide feedback on our new initiatives. We encourage Aimbassadors to be creative and share their own ideas on how we can improve. Their involvement ensures that everything we build is with young people in mind. 


All Aimbassadors are supported with access to our online community, guidance from the team, access to templates and posters, and suggestions of who they can spread the word to. 

Why should I become an Aimbassador?

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Develop climate communication and advocacy skills

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Get free priority access to our climate and nature course

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Join a global community of like-minded individuals

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Help change the course of history!

Whether you are looking to take a more active role in tackling the climate and nature crisis, keen to develop some new skills, or simply wanting to meet others who share similar goals, we would love to hear from you. 

Get in touch to apply!