Can you simultaneously 

do something you love as

well as helping the planet?

If you are looking for some advice about how to pursue a job, career, role, purpose or profession that interests you and that benefits Planet Earth, then George Monbiot has written some helpful guidelines.

Here is our own little summary.

The doors don’t just miraculously open, though; you have to push them yourselves. Some doors are heavier than others, and these might be the ones you really want to go through, in which case take a run-up.

Contact people you admire, send emails or letters and make phone calls, take initiative, do courses, get practice, do work experience, try knocking and see who answers, save up for equipment or tickets, write things down and – above all – don’t lose hope.

The world is changed for the better by the courage and persistence of the people who can do this. It’s not easy, and it’s certainly not your typical career advice, but Planet Earth needs all the hard-working, driven, compassionate and responsible stewards it can get. Good luck and go for it!


Once you have decided to choose freedom (which means the freedom to pursue the things you are passionate about, freedom to turn down high salaries in favour of more worthwhile and less well-paid jobs, or freedom to go very niche or very diverse), lots of doors appear.

If you are considering your options…

  • It means that you are in a position of choice, and a position of choice is both exciting and a privilege.

  • When you are in this position, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, you can – and should – always choose freedom over security.