Frequently Asked Questions

What is AimHi?

AimHi is an online school and discovery platform offering live, interactive lessons where learners ages 8 to adult can learn and be inspired by charismatic role models and exceptional teachers. AimHi puts nature and curiosity at the centre of all of our teaching; inspiring learners to explore, question and think critically. So far, AimHi has reached over 20,000 learners, and has featured inspiring guests such as environmentalist Dr. Jane Goodall and climate activist George Monbiot.

What is AimHi’s purpose?

At its core, AimHi seeks to make world class live teaching accessible for all—whether a learner would like to access courses that correspond to their syllabi (such as, “How does the nervous system work?”) or venture out into unknown waters with discovery lessons (such as, “What is dark matter?”). AimHi is working to break down the barriers between disciplines to foster an atmosphere of creativity, rather than conformity, enabling learners to feel empowered to follow their interests.

How did AimHi get started?

In line with our philosophy of preparing learners to respond to future global issues with creativity, compassion, and gusto, AimHi is a project that began in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our organisation was founded by scientist and environmental activist, Matthew Shribman, who is devoted to making science as accessible as oxygen, and Henry Waite, a governor at a school in London who loves to communicate the wonders of nature. Henry and Matthew met studying sciences at the University of Oxford. Our team has now grown into a passionate group of volunteers who have dedicated themselves to providing valuable, inspiring education to everyone with a desire to learn.

What does AimHi's online school teach?

At AimHi, we believe curiosity is what drives learning. With this in mind, AimHi is constantly growing its range of subjects, currently covering Science, Poetry, Philosophy, English, Geography, Music and (a subject that is near and dear to our hearts) Climate Change. Instead of focusing on core subjects, AimHi is committed to providing courses that reveal the connections between different subjects, fill learners with ideas, and are led by questions. AimHi also works to simplify the key concepts of topics, to enable learners to think critically, problem solve, build bridges between subjects, and pursue their own learning.

Who are the teachers/tutors?

Our exceptional teachers and tutors are enthusiastic and accomplished educators and presenters ranging from TEDx speakers and slam-poets, to musicians and physicists. All of our teachers are equipped with the expert knowledge and charisma it takes to make their subjects exciting to anyone and everyone! Though we have teachers from a broad range of backgrounds, we have a rigorous selection policy to ensure that the teachers and tutors on our platform are consistently delivering exceptional and inspirational lessons.

How can I watch AimHi?

Great question! AimHi regularly runs live, interactive online lessons at You can find the upcoming calendar of events here: You can also watch previous lessons here: And, if you’re looking for AimHi Tutoring’s syllabus-focused tutorials, click here:

How can I ask teachers questions?

At AimHi we believe it’s central to our live offering that learners are able to ask questions and steer the learning. To guarantee this, we use a chat function that allows learners to interact and engage with their teachers, tutors, mentors, and peers. Simply go to the livestream during the lesson of your choice, enter the moderated chat, and ask away! Currently, you need a Twitch account to submit questions on our website. It is also possible to watch and engage through YouTube and Facebook but with a reduced experience.

Can I rewatch lessons I missed?

We recommend watching the lessons live in order to interact with the AimHi community via our chat function. However, you can re-watch past lessons here

Do you teach the syllabus?

AimHi’s Learning Adventures are curriculum-linked, though are primarily focussed on encouraging curiosity and building critical thinking skills. For those who want to dive deeper into the curriculum, HiSchool lessons at AimHi are designed to map closely to the syllabus at the GSCE level. If you’re looking for more bespoke tutoring, then AimHi Tutoring offers more syllabus-focused tutorials, which you can find out more about here:

What is an AimHiDuo?

AimHi strongly believes in cross-collaboration to break down the walls between subjects, to promote creativity and new ways of thinking. By bringing together two (or more!) experts from different fields, we aim to promote interdisciplinary conversation, collaboration, and humility from both our teachers and our learners. In AimHiDuos, two teachers cover a single topic together, using their unique voices and perspectives to make connections between different areas of study, for example a blend of Poetry and Molecular Biology.

What age does AimHi cater to?

Most of AimHi’s lessons are designed to inspire curiosity in learners ages 8 to adult (anyone with a desire to learn is welcome!). Certain topics may not be suitable for younger audiences, and these are flagged accordingly. AimHi’s HiSchool lessons are syllabus-based and often targeted at more specific ages. However, rather than focussing on narrow syllabus points, they tend to prioritise the learning of key concepts, techniques and skills, to support learners to learn more effectively for themselves.

Does AimHi do private tutoring?

Small-group private tutoring is offered by AimHi Tutoring, which can be found at These lessons have a limited group size and are highly syllabus-focused / curriculum-mapped. AimHi Tutoring’s sessions are available for a low fee that supports AimHi’s teachers and helps AimHi to achieve our mission of making world class education accessible to all. If you are in a situation in which you don’t think you could afford AimHi Tutoring’s fees, please contact the AimHi team at

What is an AimHi Lesson like?

What people say: “AimHi is about things that are genuinely interesting and meaningful to me, I always learn loads of useful things, and the chat function makes it so much fun.” - Learner "Your lessons have changed my kids' whole view on learning! You have literally changed their lives and switched on a hunger for knowledge. I have NEVER seen them so keen to learn in their entire lives!” - Parent “AimHi’s online school brings interactive live learning to life around the big questions of our modern world.” - Dr. Jane Goodall DBE, environmental activist and UN Messenger of Peace "AimHi is a fantastic resource for all ages, and the live, interactive nature is particularly brilliant for keeping learners engaged, interested and learning a lot.” - Chris Packham, Naturalist and BBC presenter

Does it cost anything?

At its core, AimHi seeks to create true equality of opportunity, provoking curiosity and a desire for discovery in as many people as possible, empowering learners to be wiser and kinder stewards of our biosphere and communities. To this end, most of our live, interactive lessons are offered for free, and those that we’re unable to self-fund are priced as low as possible. For learners looking for syllabus-focussed learning experiences, AimHi Tutoring offers tutorials at an affordable price that supports AimHi’s teachers as well as providing a guaranteed high quality of teaching for learners studying for exams, or seeking a deeper dive into traditional syllabus subjects.

Do you offer career advice?

Yes! Besides running our Careers & Paths live lessons, we also have a small careers advice page where you’ll find some information to help you to build a career that will make a difference in your community, country, world!

What types of lessons does AimHi run? What are HiFactors?

Our lessons at AimHi are centered on broadening learners’ worldviews, encouraging learners to think critically and creatively about problems big and small, whilst building confidence, understanding and a desire to learn more. All of our lessons are highly interactive, though interaction is always optional if you’d prefer to just watch. Our Learning Adventures are led by curiosity and usually begin with a big question, such as “What do stars sound like?”. Guided by passionate teachers, we encourage learners to ask their own questions, solve problems, and build bridges between ideas, topics, people and places. Learners are able to steer these lessons in real time. Our HiSchool lessons cover curriculum material and are designed to allow learners to ask questions, receive clarification, and build confidence in key concepts and techniques. Our Inspiring Guest lessons provide learners with unique opportunities to meet and interact with amazing role models. At AimHi, we believe that dialogue with inspiring people is key to shaping positive worldviews. By giving our learners the chance to meet accomplished and passionate people, we hope to foster enthusiasm, ambition and perseverance. Our AimHiDuo lessons allow learners to engage with two teachers simultaneously, as they interconnect normally separate subjects, and learn from one another. Through these lessons, we not only aim to bring down barriers between areas of study; we also seek to demonstrate humility in our teachers, to show that no one knows everything, and to show the importance of curiosity at every age. Our Impact Learning lessons are focussed on topics that empower learners to make a positive difference to the world. Often these lessons work to combat misinformation, and they always focus on solutions rather than just problems. Topics covered include the climate crisis and racism.
Our Careers & Paths lessons are designed to introduce learners to roles and people in the world of work. Often featuring engaging guests from different sectors of the workforce, these lessons give AimHi learners a jumping-off point from which they can explore how to have a positive impact in their communities and shape the future.

Do I need to book a class or sign up?

For most of our lessons, nope, there’s no need to book or sign up - just visit our live stream page at the scheduled time of the lesson Some lessons may require sign-up, and this will be clearly labelled our calendar

How do you keep learners safe?

Learner safety is a priority at AimHi. Listed below are AimHi’s key safety provisions: - The visuals and audio in our live lessons are all one-way. learners can see the teacher and the content they're presenting, but teachers cannot see learners. Learners are not video-called, and the only way they can communicate with the teachers is via text chat. - We use the livestream platform Twitch to run our text chat, enabling their strictest moderating settings, to filter out inappropriate content. - Chat is also actively monitored by our team to ensure that there are no inappropriate discussions. - All live lessons are recorded. You can find out more about our safety provisions here

Can I request a topic?

Yes, please do! We’re always open to requests, suggestions, and questions (get creative!). Just send us a message through Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook @aimhilive

Do you work with schools?

Yes! Where we have capacity to do so, AimHi can deliver curated content to fit around your school timeline and curriculum. Please contact to talk about possible collaborations.

Do you offer exam help?

We know that exam season can be tough. AimHi offers revision sessions via the HiSchool series during this time. In addition, you can also join the small-group syllabus-focussed tutoring sessions run by AimHi Tutoring


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