Hannah Lewis


Knowledge and Experience

Hannah Lewis is a full-time Geography Teacher and the GCSE and A-Level Lead at Pimlico Academy.

Passionate and energetic, she works tirelessly to inspire, enthuse and enrich the lives of her students, to give them the best possible chances. She believes that teachers are one of the most powerful catalysts for change in society and is a mentor to many other teachers.

With future generations facing unprecedented socio-economic and environmental challenges, she joined AimHi hoping to be a part of developing new ways of effectively teaching geography beyond the traditional classroom.


Someone you’d love to hang out with

Hannah can often be found gazing up at people on stages who make music and delving into dusty bins of records around London. She also runs, swims and cycles in as many places as possible. Her favourite place is Parliament Hill Lido. She also really loves dogs (more than Matthew does). 

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