Global role-model Dr. Jane Goodall DBE to give live, interactive talk and virtually meet students via free online school.

Monday 8th June
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  • will live stream interactive talk with Jane Goodall on 10th June.

  • Platform is a global online school for students to learn, interact and be inspired by charismatic role models and exceptional teachers, for free.

  • Nearly 90% of enrolled students globally are affected by lockdown.*

  • AimHi is working with the Eden Project to bring the joy and interconnectedness of science to homes, classrooms and even sheds, everywhere!

Dr. Goodall DBE, the world’s leading expert on chimpanzees, will be taking part in a free, interactive lesson via AimHi’s online school on Wednesday 10th June. Jane’s lesson is part of AimHi’s mission to connect students worldwide to inspirational, positive role models for free. Jane joins other notable experts planning to give lessons, including conservationist and TV presenter, Chris Packham.

Thousands of students in the UK and more than 75 countries around the world are logging on to, for free, live, interactive lessons during the COVID-19 school closures.

Speaking about her upcoming live lesson, Jane Goodall said "To live sustainably on this planet, we must understand that we are all interconnected – people, animals and the environment.  That is why I have spent almost 30 years empowering and educating young people of all ages around the world through our Roots & Shoots programme, and why I am excited to be a guest on AimHi's online school that brings interactive live learning to life around the big questions of our modern world."

Whilst 34% of UK children don’t have access to a computer or tablet,** necessary for most online learning, AimHi’s online school is available for anyone with a smartphone, and is even being readied for free, offline distribution to refugee camps.

Chris Packham said: “Children aren’t able to access their usual level of learning at the moment, so free, quality education is more important than ever to continue furthering their understanding of the world. AimHi is a fantastic resource for all ages, and the interactive lessons give a brilliantly novel, hands-on approach to learning about things that matter.

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AimHi’s live lessons are for learners aged 8 – adult, and are focused on inspiring and broadening the worldview of students. AimHi also runs syllabus-based lessons mapped to the curriculum. Popularity has grown quickly with lessons viewed by eager learners across the globe from Australia to Norway, South Africa to the US, and over 8,000 students benefiting from the fun and interactive lessons to date.


Topics range from “Is water wet?” to ”How to write a masterpiece in 15 minutes” and “Should we all be vegan?” to “Are dinosaurs overrated?” with over 95% of students remaining engaged from start to finish. Teachers actively encourage students to interact, ask questions and debate with one another in real time, which, combined with the interdisciplinary nature of the teaching, makes AimHi a worldfirst for education.

Matthew Shribman, AimHi co-founder and science teacher, said “I want to see a future where every child, and adult, has access to inspiring, engaging teaching, in any subject, any time, anywhere. At AimHi, we’re gathering exceptional teachers and charismatic role models to get students genuinely excited about learning. This is how millions will learn in the future, and we’re building an online school for that future.”

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Sir Tim Smit, co-founder of the Eden Project, said "The evidence that 95% of students stay engaged with AimHi lessons from beginning to end is a very impressive statistic and says more about the success of AimHi, both now and to come, than anything I could add."


These lessons are 100x better than school.” “It's giving my children that spark of ‘wow, isn't life fascinating and exciting’.” “I honestly really hope these continue after quarantine!” - AimHi students and parents


AimHi is a fantastic platform for hosting interactive and educational live events. We are looking forward to our school and other partner schools attending more exciting lives in the future.” - Dave Morgan, Harrow School

*89.5% of the world’s enrolled learners are affected by the shutdown of educational institutions. (UNESCO)

**34% of children don’t have access to a laptop or tablet - Sutton Trust

The volunteer team at AimHi believes that if everyone could be more inspired at school, it would transform the world for the better. We were lucky with the opportunities we had during our time at school, and are running this to give back in a time of need.


Matthew Shribman, co-founder and science teacher, is an award-winning science communicator with 25 million video views across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. His credits range from the BBC to TEDxLondon.


The Eden Project is an educational charity and environmental attraction based in Cornwall, with ambitions to create projects around the world. Since opening in 2001, it has welcomed more than 21 million visitors and continues to host more than 50,000 children on school trips every year. As part of the Eden Project Learning programme, a series of degree courses are also offered in subjects as diverse as Plant Science and Sustainable Festival Management.