Dr Jaz Hill-Valler


How does it all work?

Jaz has a PhD in Astrophysics and now works full-time as a Satellite Systems Engineer. Jaz has also done a little work for SETI (to look for aliens) and for Oxford University (to look at the light from the big bang). 

A designer at heart, she’s joining AimHi with the hope to teach engineering and physics in a way that shows how interesting and creative it can be. 

In our ever more complicated civilisation, we are constantly bombarded with new information and get very little say in a world run by tech giants. Jaz is here to keep you grounded and keep us questioning… just how does 5G work? How did we land on the comet 67P? Where exactly… is the Earth? Is there any intelligent life… anywhere? 


Kale and lasers

When Jaz isn’t buried beneath a pile of engineering textbooks and software manuals, she is usually outdoors, tidying up friends and family’s gardens, cycling, bouldering, or going on spontaneous 20-mile hikes. In the winter months, she goes into stasis mode and can be found in small bars listening to very heavy music.  (Actual photo of Jaz downloading her latest updates from the mother ship, ready to disseminate the information as big fuzzy guitar riffs).

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