Henry's 9 favourite facts so far!

From wide-awake whales to pangolin tongues, here are some of the most interesting things AimHi lessons have taught Co-Founder Henry

Bring out the party poppers! AimHi has just celebrated its' first birthday. Since our first live stream, we've reached more than 450,000 people in over 150 countries. That's around 250 live lessons, all jam-packed with information and inspiration. And I, Henry, delivered one of them. Reflecting on our lessons brings me great joy, and so many astonishing facts and inspiring moments come to mind. There were some comic moments, too, including Dr Jane Goodall getting Matthew to make the face of an angry chimp.

Since we just blew out our birthday candles, now feels like a great time to revisit some facts. And why not start with the ones from my solitary lesson, 'Why do NASA need sperm whales?'.

Sperm whale coming out of the ocean

1. Sperm whales have teeth that can grow to be almost 1kg in weight and 20cm long. This makes the sperm whale the largest toothed predator (with teeth only marginally shorter than a T Rex). We'll stick to not being a squid, then.

2. Of all mammals, Giraffes sleep for the second shortest length of time per day (8%). BUT the king of the mammals, when it comes to living without sleep, is the sperm whale. On average, sperm whales sleep for approximately 7% of the day, so naturally, we're surprised they aren't grumpier.

3. Throughout history, sailors poured oil onto rough seas to calm the waves. Although this does technically work, we recommend against doing it.

4. Not being able to bend your pinky finger (little finger) is a common symptom of syphilis. Since syphilis was so rife in French aristocracy, it is widely believed that this is the origin of raising your little finger when drinking being considered "posh".

5. If you are inside the Burj Khalifa (the world's tallest building), you can experience sunset twice a day. Just watch the sunset once from the bottom of the building and then zoom up the super-fast lift to the top. Is anyone else having deja vu...

The Burj Khalifa viewed from the ground