Meet our curious co-founders: Matthew, Part 2

Updated: Mar 13

We continue our chat with co-founder Matt, where he speaks on tutoring, advice, and one of nature's best: leafcutter ants.

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What does the average AimHi day entail for you?

I’m afraid there's no answer to this question: there is no average day! There are some elements of rhythm, but ultimately every day is like being launched into space at a high speed, jowls vibrating. I have some students, so I always make sure I'm doing a bit of teaching and I’m also sitting a course about Cosmology at Princeton. I think it’s really good to be on both sides of the learning process when you’re part of running a school.

What would you say is your favourite lesson that you've ever given?

I think that the best lessons are the ones guided by really curious students.

When we recruit people as teachers for AimHi, we look for how much you can think across all the subjects and be adaptable to the kind of questions you might be asked. When we were setting up AimHi, I was running three to four lessons a week, and I would plan a load of stuff that I thought I was going to teach.

But then, very often, loads of really good questions would pour in. I’d get completely side-tracked and wouldn’t do any of it because there were such good interactions. AimHi is all about encouraging people’s curiosity and getting them to interact, to be an active part of the learning experience.