Our YouTube channel has had a makeover

Catch up with past AimHi lessons and live streams

Every Tuesday, we host a live and interactive online lesson to get your brains buzzing. We've hosted a number of Inspiring Guests from Chris Packham and Dr. Jane Goodall, and our teachers really know their stuff. Plus, they're really charismatic and know how to get anyone excited about learning. We know that sometimes other commitments (virtual or real) make it impossible to attend events on the day. But, since we are committed to making education accessible, we've been uploading all of our lessons to YouTube. Now, we've decided it is time to give our channel a little facelift.

So if you're ready to learn something new (and frankly, impress your friends with amazing facts), then head over to www.youtube.com/aimhilive. There's a lot to pick from, but some of our favourite lessons include: - Fearghal O'Nuallain and Paul Turner: What Can Adventure Teach You? - Kathy Lowe: The Truth About Virginity - Rebecca Wrigley and Chris Packham: Should We Bring Back Wolves? - George Monbiot: Perseverance in the Face of Climate Change To discover what's on and join our live lessons, check out the AimHi Calender. With our live lessons, you can take part in all of the interactive elements.

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