Tutoring...with a twist!

What puts AimHi Tutoring above the rest? Here are three ways we're doing things differently.

Back in February, we beta-launched AimHi Tutoring. For those that missed the launch (where have you been, join us!), our small group tutorials are for learners aged 10-18 wanting to explore exciting topics while keeping their toes dipped into the curriculum.

We launched AimHi Tutoring because we believe that the current tutoring model is outdated, inaccessible, and often ineffective. Tutoring is vital for students to catch up on missed education, especially due to last year's events. However, the current model is not fit for purpose. Here's why:

Parents are spending large amounts of money on tutorials that don’t inspire their kids. Young people are only taking part because their parents have told them to. And most importantly, at an average cost of £27/hour, tutoring remains inaccessible to the majority of families. We don't think that's good enough. So, we set out to create something a little different!

Our tutoring puts emphasis on excitement, adventure, and curiosity. Syllabus-aligned learning is contextualised for students. And since we look at Tutoring from a slightly different perspective, here are three major ways we’re shaking things up...

1. We’re nature-first

Being nature-first means that we prioritise nature in all our thinking. Our world is in crisis - from soaring global temperatures, and seas full of plastic, to rapidly vanishing wildlife. Nature is a key stakeholder in all of our decision-making and teaching because nothing is more important.

In practice, our nature-first approach means that our tutors regularly draw on examples and case studies from the natural world. They never miss an opportunity to connect the dots across subjects and expose the intersectional nature of the climate crisis.

2. We champion group learning

In nature, if one creature dominates, all others suffer. Healthy ecosystems are communities built on strong relationships. At AimHi, all of our tutorials are created for groups of learners. This promotes collaboration and teamwork and fosters a stronger sense of community. Students explore topics together and help to answer each other’s questions.

And the best part? This means that we can reach a much greater number of students and helps us keep pricing as low as possible. The lower the price, the greater the accessibility.

3. We reward engagement and curiosity

It’s not all about right and wrong answers at AimHi. In fact, we celebrate questions over correctness. Our learners are rewarded for asking thoughtful and reflective questions, because curiosity is the biggest catalyst for learning and understanding. And while all of us are born full of questions, innate curiosity is often driven out of us by an outdated education system.

Our tutors know they are doing their jobs well when students are asking lots of questions, and responding to each other. We take care to create an open, welcoming atmosphere, where everyone can voice their ideas and there are no silly questions.

So how does it work?

Our online tutorials are taught by all the same teachers you know and love; Doctors, Professors, Presenters and Teachers. They bring a lot of fun and charisma to syllabus-linked learning.

Our mission is to open up tutoring to thousands of learners who, previously, may have been unable to access world-class tuition because of the price. We're building a transparent, affordable and engaging platform to help more learners reach their full potential and most importantly: fall in love with learning.

Try AimHi Tutoring now, by signing your child up here. Early-bird signups can join their first three sessions for free. After that, prices start from £2.50.

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