Top teachers open free, online school to support and inspire the nation’s students during lockdown.

Friday 17th April

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  • Aimed at students with limited access to engaging education.

  • Covering curriculum-linked concepts for ages 8 - 18 through big questions like “why is the weather changing?” “who’s responsible for COVID-19?” “what’s it like to eat a teaspoon of neutron star?”

  • Free to all and funded by a public crowdfunder.

A team of teachers and educators have come together to run daily, interactive, live lessons to inspire children across the UK during the school closures.

Henry Waite, AimHi co-founder, said “With schools closing around the world, a whole generation is going to have their education disrupted. We set up AimHi to ensure that all children have access to inspiring and engaging teaching, no matter what their situation.”

AimHi’s live lessons are free to access for anyone with a smartphone or computer, and whilst being mapped to the curriculum, are designed to enthuse and broaden the minds of students.

Matthew Shribman, AimHi co-founder and science teacher, said “Teaching today should be about inspiring and energising students. There’s little reason for memorising endless obscure names and historical dates when it’s searchable online. Instead we should be acting as charismatic role models and getting students excited about learning, nurturing curiosity and focusing on critical thinking and problem solving.”

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Lessons are led by experienced teachers with expert knowledge in their fields, from poetry to science, whilst the platform gives students the chance to engage in real-time through live chat, polls and interactive challenges, encouraging students to think on their feet, and steer the direction of the learning.

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Students on AimHi said “I learned so much more than at school.” “It’s cool to have someone genuinely passionate teaching! Loved the lesson.” “This is better than my real class.” “For anyone with kids who are stuck at home, I’d really recommend this. Matthew Shribman is one of my favourite internet science personalities, he’s a very trustworthy source of information and a great entertainer as well!”


By crowdfunding the platform, the AimHi team plans to run lessons throughout the lockdown, bring on more teachers and cover a wider range of subjects. AimHi’s website shows details of upcoming lessons, and allows anyone to sign up for lesson notifications and re-watch past lessons.

The team at AimHi believes that if everyone could be more inspired at school, it would transform the world. We were lucky with the opportunities we had during our time at school, and are running this to give back in a time of need. At the core of AimHi is a belief that by assembling exceptional educators, learning can be just as expansive and valuable even during the lockdown.


Matthew Shribman, a co-founder and science teacher, is an award winning science communicator with 25 million video views across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. His credits range from the BBC to TEDxLondon.





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