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Who’s it for?

AimHi Tutoring is for learners between the ages of 10 and 18, studying towards exams. Taught by world-class teachers, they're full of fun and charisma, and know how to get anyone excited about learning.

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What you'll get

We teach the British International curriculum to the highest standard and guarantee improved understanding plus increased enthusiasm.

How much does it cost?

Many of our tutors charge more than £100 (130 USD) per hour for their independent work.

If you book through AimHi Tutoring, you can enjoy their lessons for a very low cost (with prices starting at £2.50 - as cheap as a cup of coffee).

How it works

Learners join a small group to learn simultaneously from a top teacher. You can access the live, interactive, online lesson from any device and anywhere in the world.

Our online platform allows us to give a tailored experience to every learner, challenging those who are ahead and giving extra support to those who are behind.


Learners can join tutorials with their friends or with groups selected by AimHi.

Online safety

 We employ the very highest standards to ensure the safety of our learners. All video is one-way (learners do not use their cameras) and interaction happens through strictly moderated and filtered text chat, drawings and voice recordings.

You can read more about our online safety policies here

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Our Teachers

We're carefully assembling exceptional teachers with the expert knowledge and charisma to get anyone excited about learning!

Matthew Shribman

Matthew Shribman

  • 1st Class Oxford MChem.​

  • Science presenter with 25 million online views. TEDxLondon. UN Ops. BBC Learning Expert.

  • A decade of teaching science.


Phil Wilcox

  • Award winning published poet.

  • Taught 200,000+ students in over 300 schools in 12 countries.

  • Performed and collaborated with TEDx, ABC and the Sydney Opera House.


Dr. Hannah Bolland

  • Cancer research scientist at the University of Oxford.

  • PhD in Oncology, Masters in Medical Science and BSc in Human Biology.

  • Experienced tutor.


Nish Varatharajan

  • MPhil Political Thought and Intellectual History, Cambridge.

  • A decade of teaching moral/political philosophy, design and systems change.



"I’ve genuinely enjoyed science more with you than I ever have before"

– A M (student predicted C's at GCSE, and achieved all As)

Accessible education for all

AimHi’s mission is to make world-class live learning accessible to everyone. We keep AimHi Tutoring inexpensive so that tutorials are affordable for as many people as possible.


By using AimHi Tutoring, you’re also supporting AimHi’s mission: enabling AimHi to host more Inspiring Guests and run lessons that are free for everyone.