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Climate and Sustainability Training For Teams

True transformation starts with inspiration

Get your whole team on the same page, equipped with foundational knowledge and motivated, with our uniquely energising blend of science and story.

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Climate change is deadly*

*but so are dull presentations

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Climate and Sustainability Training

Sustainability Training for Teams

Equip your team with the foundational knowledge and motivation to drive change through our uniquely energising blend of science and stories.

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Professionals learning solo

Organisations are falling behind because their training is failing to inspire

Only 4% of all sustainability transformation efforts are successful or exceed expectations.

Organisations face mounting internal and external pressures to become sustainable. But while over a third of the world's largest businesses have set net-zero goals, most lack a realistic plan for achieving them.

Those that do have a plan often overwhelm their already stretched teams, with too much technical or scary information, and risk falling behind as motivation evaporates in confusion and gloom.

Real sustainable transformation is only achievable when teams right across the organisation, at every level, are inspired, activated and ready for change.

Captivate to activate

Our uniquely energising experience will captivate and activate like nothing else. We don't just inform, we transform, unleashing your team and improving your prospects.

Blend hard science with story magic

We bring climate and sustainability to life, weaving facts and ideas into relatable stories, so your team 'gets it', retains it, and applies it. And we keep our content up-to-date, to keep you out in front.

Get the biggest picture

The climate crisis is an era, not just an issue. So we broaden the emissions tunnel-vision, to root your team's understanding in nature, human psychology, economics, technology, practical solutions and beyond.

Great Ormond Street Hospital

PracticE Educator, nicola wilson

“Every bit of working with this team from the organisation of the training to the resources they provided afterwards was done with ease, energy and excellence."

Learn at any scale

Our live and interactive online programmes can be easily scaled for any team size, whether you're looking to train just 5 people or over 10,000. Reach out using one of the options below, and we can discuss getting going with your team.

What our clients say

Board Member

Climate 2025, Sarah greenfield clark

“Nothing has made my spine tingle like this: it’s accessible, clear, engaging, and it’s everything we need. I have so much faith in this to change the world. It’s so very different to everything I’ve seen before”

Internal Comms Executive

Sky, Jacob MacKenzie

“The feedback we’ve had has been ridiculously positive. A Sky audience is notoriously hard to please. It's not normal but people came back really enthused! People loved how knowledgeable the expert was, and how they could ask anything."

Accelerated Solutions Facilitator

CapGemini, Grace fogarty

“People think that they know things, but in reality, they don’t. What you did, with so many questions and interactions was so effective at teaching people what they thought they knew.”

Dr Jane Goodall DBE

UNited nations
Messenger of Peace

“AimHi Earth's courses bring interactive live learning to life around the big questions of our modern world.”

Sir Tim Smit

Founder of The Eden Project

“The evidence that 95% of attendees stay engaged on lessons is very impressive and says more about AimHi Earth’s success, both now and to come, than anything I could add.”

Chris Packham

Naturalist & BBC Presenter

“AimHi Earth is a fantastic resource, and the live, interactive nature is particularly brilliant for keeping students engaged, interested and learning a lot.”

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Professionals learning solo

Together, we can do this

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