Climate and sustainability training for organisations

We enable teams big and small to understand the climate and nature crisis, to improve decision making at every scale, avoid greenwashing, and steer a path to a regenerative future.

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Climate Sprints

(Min. 4 x 1h sessions)

Ideal for teams seeking complete understanding through a compact and holistic programme.
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Climate Masterclass

(Min. 1 x 1h session)

Short, sweet and highly engaging sessions for time-constrained teams and organisations.
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Expert Insight Sessions

(Min 1 x 30min sessions)

Ideal for teams seeking sector-specific knowledge and who have specific questions for complex problems.
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Want something more specific?

We are sector agnostic, and our training is designed to upskill attendees from diverse backgrounds, industries and companies to join the dots, think holistically and innovate. However, sometimes a personal touch can lead to greater impact.

Book a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your tailoring needs and find out how we can weave industry and company-specific examples, nuances and references into our narratives to achieve your desired outcomes.
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How we’re different

We bring together the expertise of top climate scientists, behavioural psychologists, trainers and storytellers, for maximum impact in minimal time.

Compact & Effective

Our short, accessible and live sessions give attendees total confidence with the concepts as well as the tools to communicate and make an impact.

Live & Interactive

Regular question-asking helps attendees flex their mental muscles, enabling deep understanding and complex, whole-systems thinking.

Cutting Edge

Our content is informed by the latest research and backed by top institutions (Cambridge Zero, UNEP, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research) bringing you the most up-to-date science.


Our training is non-partisan, and upskills attendees to interlink information, think holistically and innovate.

Get your team onboard

If you already understand the importance of climate training but don’t know how to motivate your colleagues to take part, or to get your senior management to invest in it, you can customise our email template to send to your manager, learning team or HR team.


What we offer


Climate Sprints

Our flagship 4-part sprints pair storytelling and captivating narratives with up-to-date science and accessible analogies, ensuring that everyone is fully equipped to understand the climate crisis, how it intersects with all aspects of life and work, how to act and how to communicate.
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Climate 101 Masterclasses

Our 1-hour Masterclasses distil our 4-part sprints into a single session. In this crash course, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the core concepts, providing critical rules of thumb and a basis for good decision-making. Recommended for those looking for a launchpad or a speedy refresher.
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Expert Insight Sessions

Our bespoke insight sessions connect you with expert scientists and communicators, enabling you to dive deep into the concepts most relevant to your organisation or sector. Informed by our diagnostics, these sessions are designed to seed and workshop ideas. Ideal for diverse teams with complex problems and questions to ask.
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What our clients say

“I’ve seen so many climate trainings, all the way to the man himself, Al Gore, in person in Berlin, and nothing has made my spine tingle like this: it’s accessible, clear, engaging, and it’s everything we needed. I have so much faith in this to change the world. It’s so very different from everything I’ve seen before.”

Sarah Greenfield Clark

Co-founder @ Climate 2025

“No company training I’ve ever done before has been so engaging and worthwhile for me and the rest of the team - it’s completely transformed the way everyone thinks and interacts with one another. People and organisations who take this course are well on their way to being leaders in sustainability and combating the climate and nature crisis.”

Lisa Rose

Head of Impact @ Waterbear Network

Want to know more about becoming a climate leader?

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