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Climate and Sustainability Training

Drop the dull decks

Let sustainability run wild in your organisation. Fusing science and story to inspire and upskill your teams and transform your prospects.

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Our two ways forward

Sustainability Jump-Start Masterclass

90 min
live & online

Plug in a quick 90 minute booster to jump-start your team's journey, putting them on the front foot for the sustainability challenges and opportunities ahead.

Whole Picture Programme

4 x 60 min
live & online

Dig down to the roots with our 4-part, live, tailored programme. Hold your team's attention, with learning that will stick and grow, as you transform and thrive together.

“AimHi Earth gets super complicated things into the blood stream really, really fast.”

UK National Lottery Board Member

Peter stewart

Which course should you choose?

No matter what the size of your team or sector you work in, our courses are designed for everyone to understand and can be tailored to your needs. Talk to us to find out more.

So much more than a PDF

Our training comes complete with:

  • Impact Reports

    Make evaluation simple: we’ll measure, analyse and report the impact for you

  • Certification

    Allow employees to take pride in their achievements, add to their LinkedIn Profile and log their CPD efforts

  • Promotional Support

    Make it easy to get your whole team excited and engaged before sessions begin

Optional extras

Expert Insight Sessions

from £420
approx. 60 mins

Supercharge your learning with our network of leading experts, celebrities and role models. These dedicated, focused sessions offer a great opportunity to immerse your team in the topics and concepts most relevant to your organisation's ambition.

Stats we love


of employees are more confident in communicating about the climate and nature crisis


said they would recommend our courses to others


said they felt more empowered and ready to be a catalyst for change


discuss climate and nature with others more regularly and with more impact

What our clients say

Board Member

Climate 2025, Sarah greenfield clark

“Nothing has made my spine tingle like this: it’s accessible, clear, engaging, and it’s everything we need. I have so much faith in this to change the world. It’s so very different to everything I’ve seen before.”

Internal Comms Executive

Sky, Jacob MacKenzie

“The feedback we’ve had has been ridiculously positive. A Sky audience is notoriously hard to please. It's not normal but people came back really enthused! People loved how knowledgeable the expert was, and how they could ask anything."

Accelerated Solutions Facilitator

CapGemini, Grace fogarty

“People think that they know things, but in reality, they don’t. What you did, with so many questions and interactions was so effective at teaching people what they thought they knew.”

Try before you commit

We regularly run online taster sessions, giving you the chance to experience the magic for yourself!

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Struggling to get your team onboard?

If you already understand the importance of climate training but don’t know how to motivate your colleagues to take part, or to get your senior management to invest in it, you can customise our email template to send to your manager, learning team or HR team and attach our training brochure.