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At the intersection of climate change and healthcare

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) were eager to get their whole team onto the same page about climate and sustainability, following the launch of their Sustainability Board Programme.

AimHi Earth’s energising Whole Picture Programme equipped staff with the key knowledge and understanding of the crisis and where their work in the healthcare sector fits in. A post-training, curated Expert Insight Session for GOSH, co-hosted by leading climate and health experts, enabled staff to deep dive into the intersection between public health and the climate crisis.

“We could not recommend this training more highly! The facilitators were incredibly interactive and engaging. I can’t believe how much content they were able to include at the perfect level for our staff. Every bit of working with this team from the organisation of the training to the resources they provided afterwards was done with ease, energy and excellence.”

Nicola Wilson

Lead Practice Educator at GOSH

A youth perspective on the climate crisis

Grantees and young people on BBC Children In Need’s Youth Social Action Programme sat AimHi Earth’s Sustainability Jumpstart Masterclass in early 2023. Activating their grantees and nourishing a sense of agency around the climate crisis was the key ask from BBC Children in Need, equipping them with the tools to confidently and empathetically facilitate conversations with young people about the crisis. The Masterclass concluded with a Q&A workshop hosted by youth climate expert and YOUTHTOPIA founder, Melati Wisjen. She brought youth perspectives to life and focused on the potential for all young people to be changemakers - leaving the attendees feeling inspired and ready to take action.

Want to bring your team onto the same page about sustainability topics?

“Yet another engaging presenter delivered a high impact, valuable session. The participants generated a huge number of ideas on how they can contribute to sustainability in their teams, and we really believe this was due to the information they heard early in the event – so thank you, you had a real impact on the success of the event.

Grace Fogarty ASE Co-Facilitator @ Capgemini

“The feedback we’ve had has been ridiculously positive. A Sky audience is notoriously hard to please. It's not normal but people came back really enthused! People loved how knowledgeable the expert was, and how they could ask anything."

Jacob MacKenzie, Internal Comms Executive @ Sky

“Helping trustees even outside of the environmental space feeling more confident makes a huge difference. It allows them to feel bought into decision-making.”

Johnny Hughes, John Ellerman Foundation Trustee

“Trustees and staff at John Ellerman Foundation completed AimHi Earth’s training in 2022 and really enjoyed it – especially the engaging way in which the training is delivered by the team. Our colleagues with plenty of expertise relating to the climate and nature crises, and those with less, all found that they learned lots from the training and that it enabled them to think broadly and deeply about the crises we face and the role of individuals and systems in making change that matters.”

Sufina Ahmad, Director of John Ellerman Foundation

"I found the course a positive experience and it helped improve my understanding of environmental issues that either directly or indirectly affect sport and sports news. Many thanks to the team for taking the time and helping us to improve our knowledge and make a greater impact with our viewers.”

Tulsen Tollett, BBC Sport Journalist

“We received such great feedback from our co-owners about the course, the content, the pace and the level of engagement with some describing it as a “lightbulb moment”. We’d really recommend this course to organisations of any size that want an engaging, science-based and action-focused look at the climate crisis.”

Zac Goodall, Head of Sustainability @ Riverford Organic

I was absolutely hooked. The energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of the presenters really shines through. But also I loved the clarity that they brought to the topic, really honing in on what are the key issues you really need to know about? What are the key principles? They really brought it to life with amazing examples and real ‘WOW’ moments that make you want to tell everyone - which I did. By the end, I really appreciated the really clever way that AimHi Earth takes you on that journey so that you understand where we are, but also so that you can see these really tangible reasons for hope.”

Sarah Cook, Head of Marketing @ Neighbourly

Universal International Studios senior leadership team requested AimHi Earth’s Sustainability Jumpstart Masterclass, to prepare them to create the Universal International Studios sustainability trajectory. They wanted to ensure their leadership team was fully informed and had a holisitic understanding of key climate and sustainability topics before solidifying their sustainability policies, targets and initiatives.

AimHi Earth hosted a dedicated Q&A workshop with climate experts and sustainability specialists to hone in on the issues and queries most pertinent to their group. AimHi Earth then provided professionally edited recordings to serve as evergreen, on-demand content. Following this, Universal Studios and AimHi Earth are now working to provide further training to their employees and are in touch with CNBC to create further staff engagement activities.

Want to bring your team onto the same page about sustainability topics?