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The Global Climate Crisis Series Has Launched!

AimHi Earth and young changemakers from YOUTHTOPIA’s Circle of Youth have teamed up and are delivering free climate and nature masterclasses the whole year.

Written by:
Polly Gregson

This is AimHi Earth checking in for an update, post-launch of our Global Climate Crisis Masterclass Series on Earth Day.

For those of you who don’t know about it, a bit of background info: AimHi Earth and young changemakers from YOUTHTOPIA’s Circle of Youth are currently delivering free climate and nature masterclasses set to run for the whole year. The lessons are multilingual and multicultural, spanning India, Peru, Singapore, Bali, South Korea and even a boat off the coast of Malaysia. They are run by a group of global youth activists (introduced below) and are designed to cover the climate and nature crisis, how to talk about it, and how to bring about positive change. 

(Tempted? Send us a message at to sign up)

We’re now 5 lessons in, and the sessions so far have gone brilliantly. AimHi Earth’s courses have already reached over 150,000 learners in 150+ countries, and now - together with YOUTHTOPIA’s young changemakers - we’re set to inspire even more global communities across four continents and an ocean! 

Nadia Lutfi, one of the youth changemakers delivering the course, says: 

“it’s great to see that the climate crisis is banding people together instead of polarising them. An international project like this also allows for a diversity of voices to be heard; various perspectives can share what the climate crisis means to them and we can all find a way to help each other”. 

This is exactly the kind of impact we are hoping to have. Whether it is one individual who will make a lifestyle change, or a whole workplace that will change their way of doing business, every action counts, and togetherness is crucial at this precarious time for Planet Earth. 

Follow-up research has shown that two months after participating in an AimHi Earth course, individuals are 97% more likely to discuss climate issues regularly within their social circles, 95% reduce their plastic consumption and 93% of non-vegans change their diets to reduce their intake of animal products. We are excited to see the outcomes of this new global climate crisis series and will be sharing updates with you here on this blog. 

So that you can get to know the whole YOUTHTOPIA Circle of Youth team who are delivering this global masterclass series, we’ve put together a few short introductions here:

Melati Wijsen

Melati is an Indonesian activist and is the founder of youth empowerment project and partner on this course, YOUTHTOPIA. Melati has presented to conferences organised by TED and the UN, and has been selected as one of FORBES’ top ten most inspiring women in the country.

Aishwarya Sridhar

Aishwarya Sridhar is an award-winning wildlife photographer, storyteller and presenter from India. Aishwarya was the youngest and first girl in India to win the Sanctuary Asia Young Naturalist Award and has recently presented an 8-part children's series for WWF-India.

“The climate crisis is a global issue and we are at a tipping point. I feel honoured to be part of this program, imparting climate education across the globe. AimHi Earth has an amazing vision and they have turned it into reality, achieving multicultural reach and impact. By translating the course into local languages and adapting it with local cultural references, the course has transcended all barriers of language, communicating the climate crisis effectively.”

Inés Yábar

Inés Yábar is a sustainability activist from Peru. She is one of the founders of Ensemble pour TECHO, an organisation seeking to eradicate poverty in South America, and co-leads L.O.O.P., a Peruvian social impact company conserving the marine ecosystem.

Climate change is real, but if we don't know how to communicate the science behind it, we won't know how best to tackle the biggest issue our generation has ever faced. This is why I’m thrilled to be running this course; crossing barriers of language, culture, age and knowledge to make information accessible, leading to more action from changemakers locally and globally."

Sydney Steenland

Sydney Steenland is an Australian plastic pollution activist, public speaker and educator. Sydney created the Malaysia-based social enterprise, Sea Monkey Project, in 2015. Sydney has spoken at numerous events, from the Royal Geographic Society American Express.

Sam Nizri

Sam Nizri is a student and youth activist. Sam has lived in France, UK, Hong Kong and Australia, and is currently pursuing a bachelor degree in astronomy and planetary sciences in Indonesia.

“I am proud to be working with such an amazing team, dedicated to helping people take action against the climate crisis. Education is essential in tackling the current global problems, and with this course, people all over the world and from all different backgrounds can participate and learn.”

Keunseon Park

Keunseon Park is a social activist, Executive Director of Raise Uganda Now (an international youth-led NGO focused on holistic care of orphans and vulnerable children of Uganda and the development of vulnerable local communities), and Project Officer of the Global Schools Program of UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). 

Rupa Shree

Rupa Shree is the leader of Bye Bye Plastic Bags Singapore and co-founder of Hazy Waste, an initiative that encourages food stall owners to switch to sustainable palm oil. Rupa was also the Official Green Ambassador of Singapore's National Day Parade in 2021, which was titled the most sustainable NDP of all time.

Dara Datita Ginting

Dara Datita Ginting grew up in the North Sumatera highland, Karo, and graduated with a bachelor of psychology. Dara has a passion for connecting education with the environment, which has led her to her role of Project Leader of Bye Bye Plastic Bags in Indonesia.

Anju Kothari

Anju Kothari is a food science and nutrition student, and a member of the Bye Bye Plastic Bags team in Indonesia. Anju is also working on developing her own eco-friendly jewellery company.

Tania Daine Lorenz

Tania Daine Lorenz is a university law student who loves all things music and nature. Her motto in life is always be grateful and remain present.

Khalistra Rabbani Koeswara

Khalistra Rabbani Koeswara is a business management student. Khalistra has worked on several sustainable business projects, especially by contributing to local communities that support using environmental eco-designs. 

Nadia Lutfi

Nadia Lutfi is a student activist and founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags Doha, a plastic pollution campaign that holds sustainability workshops for schools in Doha.

Together, they are sharing their knowledge, experience and energy to push for a fairer future for people and planet.