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Plug in a quick 90-min booster to jumpstart your team's journey, putting them on the front foot for the sustainability challenges and opportunities ahead.

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Training session use cases

Kickstarting a company-wide sustainability strategy or launching an environmental initiative or campaign

For decision makers and leadership groups like CEOs, Funders, Politicians, etc. needing a speedy refresher

Embedding into onboarding processes or regular lunchtime learning slots

What it covers

In just 90 minutes, we cover:

  • 1

    The psychology of the emergency and how to communicate with impact

  • 2

    Key climate concepts including tipping points and feedback loops

  • 3

    Natural carbon sinks, from algae to the universe of soil

  • 4

    Biodiversity, local extinctions and rewilding

  • 5

    Misunderstood notions about Earth’s natural systems

  • 6

    Addressing multifaceted risks

  • 7

    Technological solutions, and the shifting operational landscape in context

  • 8

    Avoiding inadvertent greenwashing

You're in safe hands

Our programmes are brought together with the expertise of top-level scientists, educators, behavioural psychologists, expert communicators and storytellers.

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What our clients say

BBC Sport

“Hugely informative session - some really eye-opening numbers!”
– Senior Broadcast Journalist, BBC Sport, Reece Killworth

"Improved my knowledge and helped me make a greater impact with our viewers” – Tulsen Tollett, Rugby Player, BBC Sport

Major Global Film Studio

“It was really energetic, informative and interactive. The presenter was so engaging; speaking with passion and sharing his knowledge but with clarity and in a way that was fun and easy to take in. I loved that it wasn't a prescriptive "do this, don't do that” and I’ve already started talking to everyone about soil!”

What sets our training apart


Live & Online

Learners can easily tune in and participate from anywhere in the world.



Our training is designed for entire teams, not just individuals, and can be run for organisations of any size, from as little as three to 3,000+ attendees.


Compact & Time-efficient

Our flagship course is delivered in 4 modular, 1-hour sessions, delivered at a time that best suits you and your team.



We train entire teams for a set price as opposed to individuals, meaning it costs less ‘per head’ the larger the group.

Stats we love


of employees are more confident in communicating about the climate and nature crisis


said they would recommend our courses to others


said they felt more empowered and ready to be a catalyst for change


discuss climate and nature with others more regularly and with more impact

Try before you commit

We regularly run online taster sessions, giving you the chance to experience the magic for yourself!

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Looking for something more in-depth?

Whole Picture Programme

A four-part course for teams who want to understand the full picture of the climate and nature crisis.

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