Our Vision

We envision a world where every person fully understands their connection with and dependence upon the rest of nature, and is motivated and empowered to creatively and collaboratively drive for a fairer, greener, cooler future.

Closing the gap between learning and action

AimHi Earth provides everyone with the essential tools, systems thinking and holistic environmental understanding needed to combat the climate and nature crisis.

We believe that people everywhere already have the right answers. We provoke the right questions, and ensure that the answers are acted upon.
the gap
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Our Team

We’re a team of scientists, writers, designers and communicators united by our mission to secure a liveable future.

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Our Presenters

We’ve gathered passionate, knowledgeable and charismatic storytellers and communicators to captivate and inspire our audiences.

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Our Advisors

We are constantly learning from a diverse range of experts. They don’t always agree with one another, and this is important. We need a multitude of voices to build a fairer, better future.

Meet our team

We reach beyond the echo chamber

Our work resonates with diverse audiences. We’re working with everyone from Olympians to TV presenters, Parliamentarians to Love Island contestants.

We speak directly to power

Our team has hosted workshops for policy makers, delivered training for businesses and spoken at the G7 Summit and from the centre of COP26 to equip and enable decision-makers to instigate systemic changes.

We empower diverse audiences

We’re collaborating with partners globally, from Peru to Indonesia, from farmers to indigenous peoples, to translate our learning experiences linguistically, adapt them culturally, and inclusively deliver them around the world.

We love collaboration

We believe, to have a real impact on changing the planet's trajectory, we need all hands on deck. That's why we're keen to work with everyone.
If you are an individual, a business, a class or a team, wanting to be part of the solution, reach out!
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