Go from intention to action in 120 mins

Struggling to close the gap between motivation and tangible action? Our online, facilitated workshops transform an already bought-in crowd into change-makers.


How our online workshops bridge the value-action gap

Clear action plan

Attendees leave with a clear action plan on a specific issue relating to their business unit. As a team, they've anticipated barriers to that plan and how to overcome them.


Workshops establish a sense of 'permission' to think big and take action. Participants identify key collaborators and plan how they can leverage their own influence to get the buy-in they need.


Participants set clear milestones and commit to take initiative  and to integrate actionable steps into their existing workflows. We will then follow up on these pledges to ensure they stick!

How it works

Big crowd, small groups

Our workshop format supports cohorts of any size, then divided into small groupsose between mixed or same business unit groups to best suit your organisational structure and goals. Enhance cross-functional collaboration or zero-in on unit-specific challenges to tailor strategic planning within specialised teams.

Tailored to your goals

Structured around guided questions that provoke thought, drive deep discussions, and ensure that every participant can contribute to formulating actionable sustainability plans, our workshops are focused on your goals and roadmap.

Real-world application

We don’t just talk about change; we plan it. Each session ends with participants setting clear, actionable milestones for implementing sustainable practices within their roles.

Interactive learning experience

Participants can visualise and communicate their ideas and strategies through interactive boards and breakout rooms, making the learning experience dynamic and impactful.

What our clients say

Molson Coors

Paul Rowe, Senior Strategic Programme Lead

"The session earlier was fantastic – the engagement levels were really high. I’ve had multiple calls today that started with the “buzz” that the masterclass has created across the business."



Sky Logo

"The feedback we’ve had has been ridiculously positive. A Sky audience is notoriously hard to please. It's not normal but people came back really enthused!"

Riverford Organic

Zac Goodall, Head of Sustainability

We received such great feedback from our co-owners about the course, the content, the pace and the level of engagement with some describing it as a “lightbulb moment”.



"Within just 60 minutes, they delivered an immersive and interactive workshop that demystified the climate crisis, debunked certain sustainability myths and educated our people on the real issues at hand.”

Bafta Albert


"The feedback was great and people found it helpful, pacey and engaging – exactly what we wanted.”


GRACE FOGARTY, Co-Facilitator

CapGemini Logo

"Yet another engaging presenter delivered a high impact session. The participants generated a huge number of ideas on how they can contribute to sustainability in their teams, and we really believe this was due to the information they heard early in the event.”


Katie Homa, Senior Sustainability Manager

“It was a great way to bring our employees from across the business all onto the same page. There was something in there for everyone! The interactive nature of the session also meant it was super engaging from beginning to end.”



"The course helped improve my understanding of environmental issues that affect sport and sports news. Many thanks to the team for taking the time and helping us to improve our knowledge and make a greater impact with our viewers"


TAmi shacham, COO

“It exceeded my expectations, especially in how well it was received by the team - the fact that people came to all the sessions shows this. I would do it again, and I would recommend it to others.”


NINA VUJCIC, sustainable development manager

"AimHi Earth's live and interactive training did an amazing job of bringing together the whole Showpad team. Overall, the training has been super effective and we've already started to see the tangible impact!"


Georgia Wishart, Sustainability IP

“Everyone really enjoyed them - lots of visuals, not too much text, lots of interaction, very knowledgeable presenters. We learnt a lot.”