At last! Get the metrics you need to measure and improve your employee engagement initiatives

Are your employee engagement initiatives having an impact?

Here are 3 ways we help you answer this question

Know your baseline

We kickstart all of our programmes with a diagnostic report to measure the current state of your employees' level of engagement

Prove the ROI

We provide data to measure employee engagement and the effectiveness of your training programmes. See the impact over time and prove the value of your investment.

Data made actionable

We convert feedback into insights to refine your training to meet your needs and align with your company's goals, providing a personalised approach to employee engagement.

How it works

Measure the change

We survey participants before and after training sessions to see if their awareness has grown.

Know what stuck

After each training session, we assess attendees' grasp of the new concepts and principles covered.

Dig even deeper

In addition to surveys, we also provide reports with quantitative analyses and statistics on session attendance, survey completion and demographics.

Our impact stats

Using our robust data collection system, we are able to capture the behavioural changes of our attendees


make changes in their life due to the things they’ve learnt


use our teachings and examples to elicit tangible positive changes in others


feel more motivated about their current role, and compelled to invest more deeply in it


felt more empowered and ready to be a catalyst for change