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World’s First Youth-Led Climate Lessons Span 4 Continents And An Ocean

An international network of youth activists are running coordinated climate crisis sessions to inform and empower tens of thousands of young people from Peru to South Korea.

Written by:
Abi Thomson
  • International series of multilingual and multicultural climate masterclasses, free and open to all
  • Written and coordinated by education-to-action organisation AimHi Earth (supported by the Eden Project and Cambridge Zero, University of Cambridge).
  • Tailored and delivered by young climate changemakers from Indonesia-based YOUTHTOPIA’s Circle of Youth, including UN, WEF and TED speaker, and National Geographic Young Explorer, Melati Wijsen.
  • Launched on Earth Day 2022, and running throughout the year.

Frustrated by inaction and scared for their future, a diverse group of global youth activists has assembled to deliver a world first: coordinated climate and nature masterclasses spanning 4 continents and an ocean, delivered in multiple different languages for free for members of the public everywhere.

Including India, Peru, Singapore, Bali, Sierra Leone, South Korea and even a boat off the coast of Malaysia, these young activists are empowering global communities to understand the full picture of the climate and nature crisis, how to talk about it, and how to bring about positive change.

Inés Yábar, YOUTHTOPIA Circle of Youth Member from Peru, said:

“Climate change is real, but if we don't know how to communicate the science behind it, we won't know how best to tackle the biggest issue our generation has ever faced. This is why I’m thrilled to be running this course; crossing barriers of language, culture, age and knowledge to make information accessible, leading to more action from changemakers locally and globally."

Despite the growing urgency of the climate and nature crisis, many people still don’t have access to the resources needed to turn their thoughts, and often fears, into meaningful conversations and action. A recent global study revealed that nearly half of young people report feeling ‘distressed or anxious’ about the crisis in a way that affects their daily lives.

Matthew Shribman, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist at AimHi Earth, said:

“I’m scared about our future, but I’m confident that we can ensure a healthier, safer world if we work together. Our institutions are still failing to educate people about the climate and nature crisis and how to solve it, so it’s fantastic to see these young people in action. The team and I know we’re lucky to be playing a small part in launching these masterclasses for people all over our only planet.”

By intentionally incorporating local perspectives, and by framing the story in local contexts, the masterclasses developed by AimHi Earth have been designed to equip people to fully understand the crisis, to take ownership of solutions, and to retell the science in a way that is meaningful and compelling to others. The masterclasses kicked off on Earth Day 2022, and will be running throughout the year.

Governments are now beginning to recognise the importance of climate and nature education - most recently exemplified by the UK’s government’s announcement of a new Natural History GCSE by 2025. Abi Thomson, AimHi Earth’s International Impact Lead, said “We must build on this momentum to ensure that everyone on Earth, not only UK school children, has access to high-quality climate and nature education. There’s no time to lose.”

Following the latest IPCC report, scientists are in agreement that combatting the climate and nature crisis demands rapid systemic changes. These changes occur when people understand the full picture, feel equipped to have courageous conversations and are inspired to create innovative solutions. The team at AimHi Earth believes that current methods of climate communication aren’t doing this fast enough. This is why AimHi Earth and YOUTHTOPIA’s global movement is changing this on a global scale.